Friday, January 15, 2016

Second Spring - Review

Ms Jasleen Kaur, a blogger writes - 
The poem in the concluding chapter gives you a feeling of warmth. It seems you are reading the whole book again in a new and delicate way. There are some surprises waiting in the end. They cross your eyes one after the other, making it hard to leave the book. Every chapter has something new. The end is remarkable, completely unexpected and it makes your reading experience delightful.

·  “...home cooked food, was rarer than a blue moon.”
· “This was again the old school thought of his priorities over my needs.”
· “Life comes with no guarantee who knows whether the next day’s sun will dawn at all!”
· “The vacuum was still there and moreover, he was still there as a part of me.”
· “It was wonderful to be cared for by a person who had seen so much of the world.”

The narration is surely the best part in the story. It compliments the tale well and doesn’t bore you. The perfect balance between the portions given to a character for narration, commendable. It is a perfect way to start and end some heart wrenching ideas that a reader gets while reading.

Avantika, in her late thirty’s, doing exceptionally well in her professional and personal life. The monster headed boss and a very warm single mother of Aarav. Things were always her way, either at home or office.
Things never bothered her because she was exhausted due to work and responsibilities. The story is never complete without a man to sway the wind. Rohan, a new chapter in Avantika’s life make things smooth and harsh in her life, during different phases.
She felt nice when he was around, she was forgetting her past. But then things aren’t set up the way we want. What happens when things didn’t work? What happens when spirituality hit the nerves of Avantika? What happened when she quit being a boss? Will things get right for the protagonist Rohan and Avantika?

Second spring doesn’t let you peep in the story wholly. The title is an intelligent cover up and there should be no guessing before you start. It was well thought off.

Like the title, same goes for the cover, subtle colours, soothing your eyes. Not allowing you to know the kind of story you are going to read, the emotions you are going to experience. But yes, if you think deep, you can know what it means after you step in.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Second Spring - review

Here is the review of Second Spring by Shweta Kesari 
The end was not how I supposed it to be,but it is the way it has to be.Authoress has done a great job while knitting the plot.Her straightforward views let readers think sharply and her candid note on life would let readers realize how things take a turn nowadays.But obvious, with a change in time,stories has changed, and also the way human reacts, but to know who is the one to hold your hand till eternity is the vital decision to lead a happy life. I quite appreciate the note this story ended on.The story succeeded in showing readers a new facet to life.Through the protagonist Avantika, authoress brings a message for readers that it is easy to flow in the whirlwind of emotion , but hard to take a wise decision at the proper time.
A book which has more than a story to serve to readers.
Rating : 4.1/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari
Second Spring

To read it further - /

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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Adventure in Kids Life

Why we need to introduce adventurous activities to the kids at early age?

Simple - they learn to get out of the comfort zone and build their mental and physical strength slowly and steadily. One activity will not help, but well planned series of activities that can be incorporated in annual travel or over the weekend will. As a parent, if we participate, it will help build better bonds. If not possible, send them in a camp for group activities. This will enhance the very basic core of a man's living spirit is - passion for adventure. Build the passion for life through travel, adventurous activities, experiencing different is not just seeing jungle, river or mountain; it is like attending natural learning classroom that can't be replaced by gigantic TV or thousands pages books. It is learning through experience of being there, feeling the environment that frees the mind and liberate the spirit.

This is a pictorial blog for everyone to share my personal experience with it. Let me introduce my son, Aryaman, 8 who has been enjoying adventure through during our travels and various outdoor activities since last three years. He is now bold, happy and blabbering about it...

Aryaman skiing Hokkaido, Japan

Since it require the participants to be an adult i.e. minimum age 18 to participate, he enjoyed the ride with the instructor. He did express his excitement with up and down 2 jours journey in Bali.

Quad Biking in Bali
This picture during our visit to Great wall. It was tough as weather was chilly and climbing stairs and walking on the wall was quite an experience for everyone...This visit gave different perspective towards the history. It was an adventurous and a learning experience.

Climbing The Great Wall in China

Kayaking was another super adventure that usually loved by most kids. Since they can activity participate in kayaking and rowing, they would love their involvement.

Kayaking in Phuket, Thailand

Great Wall Gun:
This great fun activity for kids near James Bond Island, near Phuket for kids...This is about 30 min (can be done longer under customised package) in and around caves. Another adventurous fun for kids.
Flying in the rainforest (Flying Hanuman) near Phuket
This is very intense 2+ hours session consisting of 28 activities in thick rainforest near Phuket, Thailand. The flying, walking in the jungle, climbing up/down the trees and many more adventurous fun. Everyone around us admired him and his guts.

Adventurous life
This is very intense 2+ hours session consisting of 28 activities in thick rainforest near Phuket, Thailand. The flying, walking in the jungle, climbing up/down the trees and many more

White Water rafting in Ayung River in Bali, Indonesia.

This is 2 hours rafting in rough Ayung River in Bali. Aryaman, my son (7 years at that time) had a blast...He climbed up/ down almost 200 steps to reach the river and completed the entire rafting with fun. He was the main entertainer on our boat. :)

Trekking in rainforest, Phuket, Thailand

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